We work with landscape architecture and environmental planning firms, energy companies, transportation and health organizations, housing and urban/commercial infrastructure companies, and a range of federal, state and local governmental agencies.

  • Federal/International Government: Bureau of Land Management, USDA (Forest Service), National Parks, National Parks Rivers and Trails Conservation Assistance Program
  • State/Local Government: Oregon State Parks, Greater Victoria Harbor Authority, City of Sandy (Oregon), Mount Hood Stewardship Council, City of Corvallis, Marin County, City of Tualatin
  • Private Sector: Jones & Stokes, Portland General Electric (PGE), International Mountain Bikers Association, Urban Innovations Group, Viridian Environmental Design, Land Current, Siuslaw Watershed Council, Mount Hood Stewardship Council, Western Forest Law Center
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To learn more about our engagements, feel free to read these testimonials from our clients and partners.

Residential Landscape
Portland, Oregon

Secter Environmental Design worked with Drew Davis to combine his family’s vision with Jordan Secter’s knowledge and innovation to create a unique topography within the limited space available on the Davis’ residential property.

"We first heard about Secter Environmental Design and Jordan’s work when he was restructuring the Sabin Community Garden here in Portland," says Drew Davis. "We were impressed not only by what he created, but that he had given his personal and professional time to give back to the community by redoing the landscaping at Sabin Elementary School.”

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Marmot Dam Revegetation & Site Development Plan
Salem District

Jordan Secter worked closely with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM to develop a 15-year management plan to preserve and improve the Sandy River Basin. He also has greatly enhanced the environmental education program at Larch Mountain and aided in campsite design at Molalla River.

"Jordan has proved an invaluable asset to our organization providing planning, management, development and vision for our basin-wide planning effort for the Sandy River basin," says Zach Jarrett, Lead Outdoor Recreation Planner at the Bureau of Land Management, Salem District.

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Commercial Landscape Design / Rain Gardens
Vancouver, Washington

Secter Environmental Design worked with the developer of a multifamily housing project to create rain gardens that would prevent water runoff into the municipal water supply and help recharge the local groundwater.

"I first met Jordan Secter at the Civil War football game, and we started talking about our work," says Kimberly Lane, an environmental consultant with Laness Environmental Advanced Design, LLC. "We were on opposite sides - he's a Ducks fan and I went to Oregon State - but we really clicked and it became immediately apparent that he was the right person to help on a project we were working on in Vancouver, Washington. My company was building a new fourplex on the site of an old meatpacking factory, and we needed a rain garden to help capture storm water and return it to the soil on the property rather than having it run into the city drains."

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Bowman Dam Powerhouse on the Crooked River

Secter Environmental Design developed a Technical Report containing the results of a visual resource impact analysis of the proposed hydroelectric power house located at the Bowman Dam on the Prineville Reservoir. The analysis focused on three components of the project, including the powerhouse structure access road and bridge, and transmission lines. The analysis assessed potential impacts to visual resources that may result from the proposed project, and determine the consistency of those impacts with stated BLM VRM objectives and regulations of the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. As the proposed project is located on BLM-administered lands, the visual assessment followed the BLM VRM system.

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Commercial Modern Landscape Design /
Storm water Rain Gardens | Portland, Oregon

Secter Environmental Design worked with SUM Design Studio to create urban landscape design, including storm water rain gardens, for a commercial building designed by SUM Studio.

Matt Loosemore, co-owner of SUM Design Studio in Portland, Oregon, says, “I was trained as an architect and Jordan as a landscape design professional, so we shared stories and had conversations about the design world. I knew exactly who to go to when our studio took on this commercial project. "

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Siuslaw River Water Trail, Sandy River Water Trail, Keizer Rapids Park
Pacific West Region (Oregon)

While working as the Stewardship Coordinator for the Siuslaw Watershed Council Mr. Secter was responsible for connecting the local community to restoration projects throughout the watershed.  Once the connection was made, he helped facilitate the design and planning of the project.

"Jordan Secter and I met when we were both doing conservation work on the central Coast of Oregon," says Dan Miller, Community Planner of Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program for the National Park Service - Pacific West Region. "He was the lead on the Siuslaw River Water Trail, and he really took the initiative on this project. Jordan was the fire fueling the endeavor - he used his own time to meet with volunteers, landowners and government officials to devise his approach to constructing the trail. You name it and he did it on this project."

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Pine Point Recreation Area: Campground and Day-Use Areas
Timothy Lake, Oregon

Nearly three quarters of the people who visit Timothy Lake take part in day-use activities in the area between the dam and the Pine Point Campground. Secter Environmental Design was contracted to help improve and modernize the facilities in this area.

Day-Area Case Study

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Campground Case Study

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Photorealistic simulation of a proposed private Residence

SED worked with SUM Design Studio + architecture to conceptualize the architecture and landscape design of the Loosmemore Residence. Utilizing 3D visualization tools SED created a photorealistic architectural simulation to fully visualize the concept and its components.

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Photorealistic simulation of the proposed Belmont Lofts

SED worked with SUM Design Studio + architecture to conceptualize the architectural design of the proposed Belmont Lofts, and create an architectural rendering of the mixed use development using 3D software. The development will have fifteen 550 SF studio and one bedroom units with 1500 SF of retail located on the ground floor.

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