Project: Bowman Dam Powerhouse | Location: Crooked River

Secter Environmental Design developed a Technical Report containing the results of a visual resource impact analysis of the proposed hydroelectric power house located at the Bowman Dam on the Prineville Reservoir. The analysis focused on three components of the project, including the powerhouse structure access road and bridge, and transmission lines. The analysis assessed potential impacts to visual resources that may result from the proposed project, and determine the consistency of those impacts with stated BLM VRM objectives and regulations of the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. As the proposed project is located on BLM-administered lands, the visual assessment followed the BLM VRM system

As part of the technical report SED provided visual simulations of the powerhouse to determine the potential visual impacts associated with the development, and provide visual mitigation strategies. Through a technical 3D simulation process, SED placed the development in its exact proposed location to analyze the visual impacts from key observation points. These points were determined in the field. SED worked closely with design consultants and to ensure that the process met industry standards and that the architectural renderings met the visual quality objectives.