Project: Pine Point Recreation Area: Day-Use Area | Location: Timothy Lake, Oregon
Project Lead: Jordan Secter

Nearly three quarters of the people who visit Timothy Lake take part in day-use activities in the area between the dam and the Pine Point Campground. Secter Environmental Design was contracted to help improve and modernize the facilities in this area.


The Pine Point Recreation Area is a popular destination for day-trippers, but many of the existing facilities were inadequate to meet the needs of visitors. In some cases, the existing infrastructure had simply deteriorated, and in others the proper facilities simply didn't exist. Of particular concern were parking, signage, restroom availability, and access to the lake shore and trails.

Proposed Solution:

Our proposed design program resulted in a site design that maintains a natural, largely undeveloped feel focused on improving the visitor experience. The planning effort includes proposed facilities to diversify recreation programs, mitigate user conflicts, reduce operational and maintenance costs, improve access to the lake, enhance habitat/shoreline conditions, and update and standardize site amenities. Careful consideration was given to the existing natural character of the area, and restoration and enhancement of the natural features was considered whenever possible.

The design was focused on limiting clearing of mature vegetation while developing the proposed site features. All work was done in coordination with sensitive-species temporal and spatial constraints, vegetation management guidelines, invasive non-native plant prevention and control measures, and revegetation measures.

Two specific shoreline-gathering areas have been designed to enhance and improve lake access. Each area allows for unobstructed access to the lake while creating room for visitors to use the lakefront for recreational activities. In addition, the fishing pier has been moved to a more central location that will be equally accessible from the two parking areas, the shoreline trail, and small group picnic areas.

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