Project: Siuslaw River Water Trail, Sandy River Water Trail, Keizer Rapids Park | Location: Pacific West Region (Oregon)
Project Lead: Dan Miller

While working as the Stewardship Coordinator for the Siuslaw Watershed Council Mr. Secter was responsible for connecting the local community to restoration projects throughout the watershed.  Once the connection was made, he helped facilitate the design and planning of the project.

"Jordan Secter and I met when we were both doing conservation work on the central Coast of Oregon," says Dan Miller, Community Planner of Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program for the National Park Service - Pacific West Region. "He was the lead on the Siuslaw River Water Trail, and he really took the initiative on this project. Jordan was the fire fueling the endeavor - he used his own time to meet with volunteers, landowners and government officials to devise his approach to constructing the trail. You name it and he did it on this project.”

"I have always been very impressed with Jordan’s ability to create environmental design plans that are extremely holistic. He goes above and beyond his duties to gather all the correct information he can and then he applies that to his concept plan and design Charrette. Jordan is a conceptual thinker and planner who is able to grasp a large concept and delegate smaller projects which build upon each other to create the whole project."

"I was the stewardship coordinator for the Siuslaw Watershed Council," says Jordan Secter, Principal of Secter Environmental Design. "We were trying to find ways to provide safe access to the river for people with non-motorized watercraft, and I came up with the idea of creating multiple access points along a river trail. Dan provided great technical assistance during the creation of the trail, and I now volunteer with Dan and the National Park Service to develop design Charrette for the community."

"We were introduced to the project through my relationship with National Parks Rivers and Trails Conservation Assistance Program (NPSRTCA); my role has been to foster the national agreement between ASLA and National Parks by providing pro-bono professional landscape architecture services to small communities in support conservation and recreation-based projects. Dan and I originally met in 2002 through the NPS Technical Assistance Program, where I presented the concept for the Siuslaw Water Trail."

Dan Miller
Community Planner - Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program, National Park Service (Pacific West Region)