Project: Commercial Modern Landscape Design / Storm water Rain Gardens | Location: Portland, Oregon
Project Lead: Matt Loosemore, SUM Design Studio

Secter Environmental Design worked with SUM Design Studio to create urban landscape design, including storm water rain gardens, for a commercial building designed by SUM Studio.

Matt Loosemore, co-owner of SUM Design Studio in Portland, Oregon, says, “I was trained as an architect and Jordan as a landscape design professional, so we shared stories and had conversations about the design world. I knew exactly who to go to when our studio took on this commercial project. "

"With most architectural projects, unfortunately, the landscape portion of the work is either the last piece of the design that’s considered - or it’s the first piece to go due to value engineering. When I designed and built my first development project, I knew that I did not want to want to make the landscape around the project suffer. I knew that Jordan expressed a similar passion for his work, and I was confident that with him on board we would be able to integrate a landscape that complimented the structure and would mature along with the building. His design senses were sympathetic to the structures he was collaborating with, and I knew he could do that with our project as well.”

“Matt is involved in architectural design and asked me to help the urban landscape design for a commercial building," says Jordan Secter, Principal of Secter Environmental Design. "We needed to provide onsite infiltration of storm water. To solve this we developed a storm basin I designed to collect all the runoff from the building. The basin then filtered into the ground allowing the landscape to remain intact. It not only made the property took great, but it made the space far more environmentally friendly because we had a way to recharge the groundwater without taxing the municipal sewer system.”

Loosemore adds that, “Jordan also has an approach from an environmental aspect that we respect. We appreciated his sensitivity to the environment in his selections of native plants as well as his approach for water runoff treatment.”

Matt Loosemore
 Co-owner, SUM Design Studio


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