Project: Commercial Landscape Design / Rain Gardens | Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project Lead: Kimberly Lane, Laness Environmental Advanced Design, LLC

Secter Environmental Design worked with the developer of a multifamily housing project to create rain gardens that would prevent water runoff into the municipal water supply and help recharge the local groundwater.

"I first met Jordan Secter at the Civil War football game, and we started talking about our work," says Kimberly Lane, an environmental consultant with Laness Environmental Advanced Design, LLC. "We were on opposite sides - he's a Ducks fan and I went to Oregon State - but we really clicked and it became immediately apparent that he was the right person to help on a project we were working on in Vancouver, Washington. My company was building a new fourplex on the site of an old meatpacking factory, and we needed a rain garden to help capture storm water and return it to the soil on the property rather than having it run into the city drains.”

"When we first sat down to talk, the first thing I was impressed by was his portfolio, which has just about every kind of project you could think of. He then came up with some initial plans for us, which were really easy to understand because he used a great software package to color-code everything so I could see exactly what he wanted to do. As we moved forward, I was very happy with the process. He is an excellent communicator, he responds to clients' needs immediately, and he adjusts his level of complexity based on budget."

"Our goal is to collect all rain water and keep it out of the storm system," says Jodran Secter, Principal of Secter Environmental Design. " Capturing and storing rainwater is environmentally responsible because it reduces storm event impacts by reducing downstream erosion, sedimentation and storm surge peaks. Unfortunately, whenever there is a big storm there is often too much runoff for the storm systems to handle.  By keeping all of the runoff on site, we not only lower the burden on the municipal system, but we also help recharge the groundwater and create additional habitat for local plants and animals."

Lane says, "Secter Environmental Design did a wonderful job on the rain garden concept and design. Not only did they use all native plants, but everything is very low maintenance. We are really looking forward to seeing this project through, and we have no doubt that it will be beautiful as well as functional."

Kimberly Lane
Environmental Consultant, Laness Environmental Advanced Design, LLC