Projects: Marmot Dam Revegetation Plan and Site Development Plan; Salmon / Sandy RiverConfluence trail head Master Plan; Sandy River Basin Recreation Management Plan - Design Charrette, Larch Mountain Environmental Education site Interpretive Program and Signage; Molalla River Recreation Corridor camp sites design | Location:  Salem District | Project Lead: Jordan Secter

Jordan Secter worked closely with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM to develop a 15-year management plan to preserve and improve the Sandy River Basin. He also has greatly enhanced the environmental education program at Larch Mountain and aided in campsite design at Molalla River.

"Jordan has proved an invaluable asset to our organization providing planning, management, development and vision for our basin-wide planning effort for the Sandy River basin," says Zach Jarrett, Lead Outdoor Recreation Planner at the Bureau of Land Management, Salem District. "We had a void in the district and did not have a landscape engineer, so we reached out to him to create side-boards and provide conceptual direction for the groups assembled to create the Sandy River Basin Management Plan. We needed someone with Jordan’s skills in designing landscape, as well as someone with the qualifications and experience needed to specifically and correctly identify the level of development we wanted and needed in the Sandy River Basin. We have begun implementing Jordan’s plan and have made sure he is involved as the large, overall plan becomes more detailed.”

"I was initially contracted to help BLM pull together agency representatives and local and regional stakeholders to participate in a design Charrette", says Jordan Secter, Principal of Secter Environmental Design. “This provided a framework through which the participants were able to directly inform the design program. An integrated participatory process to guide the vision was to support of the Sandy River Recreation Basin Management plan is what the Bureau of Land Management had in mind.”

Jarrett notes that, "Jordan also has immensely improved the environmental education program for Larch Mountain. The agenda was disjointed and piecemeal. Jordan consolidated the curriculum and made everything more specific and informational. Now the educational plaques and other educational tools are up to par and we are much more prepared for kids and the public to learn and enjoy Larch Mountain."

Zach Jarrett
Lead Outdoor Recreation Planner, Bureau of Land Management
(Salem District)
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