Project: Residential Landscape | Location:  Portland, Oregon | Project Lead: Jordan Secter

Secter Environmental Design worked with Drew Davis to combine his family’s vision with Jordan Secter’s knowledge and innovation to create a unique topography within the limited space available on the Davis’ residential property.

"We first heard about Secter Environmental Design and Jordan’s work when he was restructuring the Sabin Community Garden here in Portland," says Drew Davis. "We were impressed not only by what he created, but that he had given his personal and professional time to give back to the community by redoing the landscaping at Sabin Elementary School.”

"We loved working out our ideas with Jordan because he helped us sort out what was important to us,” says Davis. “My wife and I both had visions of what the landscape was going to look like, but there was no way we were going to come to a unified visualization on our own. Jordan took our vision, added his knowledge and ingenuity, and created something we both now love. What was really important to us, and what Jordan did especially well, was not impose his vision of what our garden should be. Instead, he used his knowledge of landscaping to bring our ideas to fruition.”

"Drew’s space was a blank slate. We got to start from scratch and put together design aesthetics," says Jordan Secter, Principal of Secter Environmental Design. "It exemplified a classic Craftsman style, which we wanted to highlight while adding sustainability to the property. To provide textures and colors we used zone-appropriate plants that require little maintenance and created an urban habitat. Then he set to work and was finished with the job in a very reasonable time.”

Drew Davis


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